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Thanks to our 2019 #WesternWelcomeWeek Guests!

Ernesto talks about travel techniques while 3 children and one adult practice walking with white canes

We want to thank the 40 or so of our neighbors and new friends who stopped in, tour the center, got a Braille alphabet card and tried some of the killer chocolate chip cookies students had been baking all day. The real goal, and the real benefit of the event was that we all got to meet and talk. Our guests got the inside story on what the center is all about and, we trust, learned that blind people aren’t really all that different than themselves.

In fact, as one soon-to-be 6th grader put it, “It’s really cool that blind people can use the saw just with touch and listening!”

And hey, look for us in the Western Welcome Week Parade on Saturday!

A large group gathers around while Eliza talks about Braille

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Join Us for Our Open House Today – It’s Part of Littleton’s 91st #WesternWelcomeWeek!

Shelby hands out Braille cards to a group of very interested children

Come and tour the Colorado Center for the Blind today, August 12. Take a tour of our facility, meet our staff and students and learn what it is we do at – and why! We have been in Littleton since 2000 and appreciate the welcome this community has afforded us for these 19 years. And we are proud to be part of Western Welcome Week!

Colorado Center for the Blind
2233 W. Shepperd Ave.
4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Monday, August 12, 2019

We will organize small tour groups as guests arrive. No reservations necessary. We’d love to meet you neighbors!

Check out the rest of Western Welcome Week’s Activities!

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Everybody Loves the #WesternWelcomeWeek Parade! #ShareLittleton

Kirk marching with CCB in the Western Welcome Week Parade
Students and staff from the Colorado Center for the Blind, along with friends and family, march in the Littleton Western Welcome Week Parade

Staff and students of the Colorado Center for the Blind, as well as members of the NFB of Denver Chapter once again marched in the Littleton Western Welcome Week Parade on August 18. From Eileen, 92, to our favorite toddlers, Mason and Jackson with their parents, and all five of the Batron kids it was a family adventure as always!

Thanks to Kirk for use of his selfie.

“I’d never been in a parade before,” he said later.

Doing something you’d never done before – even before becoming blind – that makes it worthwhile, because pushing beyond what others (and we) expect of us as blind people is the point!

Two Blind Parents pull their son in a stroller as they march in the parade
Blind parents Jen and Dishon Spears each have a hand on 2-year-old Mason’s stroller as they approach the bandstand at Main and Rapp in the 2018 Littleton Welcome Week Parade. Other staff and students of the Colorado Center for the Blind march with them
Blind Senior in a red hat marches in the Parade with a group from the Colorado Center for the Blind
Eileen, 92, is flanked by Senior Services Director Duncan Larsen and Senior Outreach Specialist Chris Kinney during the Littleton Western Welcome Week Parade. In front of them is Ashley and behind them are Martin and Brad.
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Thanks for stopping by for our 2017 #WesternWelcomeWeek Tours!

a montage of WWW tour of photos described in the caption

Row 1: Lia uses a Perkins Brailler to write names in Braille while 3 smiling Children stand around with their Dad. Three children reference a Braille alphabet card and use the muffin tin and tennis balls to make letters; A retired couple looks at the historical photos on the wall; Peter shows a group how he uses the iPhone to identify money.
Row 2: Daniel demonstrates to a large crowd how to throw the Goal Ball; One boy about 14 takes a turn wearing the sleepshades and throwing the Goal Ball; An early middle school aged boy blocks the ball with Cezar; (Center) A large group is gathered around the table in the Travel Lobby while Jay talks about the model of Englewood Station; Cody talks to a group in the kitchen about why it is important for Blind people to learn to cook in a standard kitchen; 8 year-old Naomi touches the dots while her mom holds open a Braille Cook Book;
Row 3: A large group in the wood shop gathers around Jesse as he sands a shield-shaped piece of wood he is making into his Family Crest. Anthony shows people how to use the sensational Blackboard to make tactile drawings. Yolanda works with two Middle School aged girls who close their eyes and touch a sculpture of a Bear with a Fish in its mouth and try to guess what it is.

More than 70 people stopped by the Colorado Center for the Blind on Monday for a tour, and we’d like to send out a big “Thank you!” to all of you!

This is the third year we’ve opened our doors for tours as part of Littleton’s Western Welcome Week. We’re always excited to meet new neighbors who want to find out what we’re all about. This year, we even had some who returned for a second time!

So, thanks to all who came and if you couldn’t make it, we’ll be part of WWW next year too – and we’ll see you in the parade on Saturday!

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No let-up this week – not with Seniors in Charge!

A man and woman prepare food in the kitchen
Ralph fixes a plate of sliced cheese while Sheila slices tomatoes for the sanwitch bar

Littleton’s 2016 Western Welcome Week, including our tours and participation in the Saturday parade, was sure a lot of fun! This week has already seen Matt complete his support drop, our canoeing trip postponed due to thunder, our first rock climbing trip today for the (really?) fall!

seven people go out the front door with white canes
Senior students and staff head out to get some groceries. Left to right: Sheila, Anahit, Dianne H., Wayne, Ralph L., Marianne and Petr.

Even as the 10-day Western Welcome Week celebration was winding down on Sunday, Seniors in Charge students were arriving at the McGeorge Mountain Terrace apartments for a week of taking on new challenges in blindness skills. Offered by our Senior Services staff led by Duncan Larsen, Seniors in Charge gives a week’s worth of intensive training in Braille, cane travel, technology and home management skills.

“Last year I could see,” Ron said in the introductory meeting on Monday morning. This year his vision is significantly limited. Like his five fellow students, Ron wants to learn everything he can to ensure his continued independence.

And that’s the goal of the week – to assist blind seniors to maintain their independence. It includes plenty of opportunities for senior students to talk about their blindness and what they learn as the week progresses. Seniors in Charge is offered twice a year, and this group has four students staying at our apartments and two day students. For those staying at the apartments, Senior Services staff work with them on cooking and more in the evening, staying at the apartments with them.

As Duncan reminds us, the skills and discussions are all pointing to developing a positive, can-do attitude about blindness.

A Photo Collage: Top, Diane McGeorge works with Ron and Mickey using muffin tins and tennis balls. Below, Dianne H. types on a Perkins Brailler.
A Photo Collage: Top, Diane McGeorge works with Ron and Mickey using muffin tins and tennis balls. Below, Dianne H. types on a Perkins Brailler.

On Tuesday, along with other classes, the Seniors in Charge prepared a sandwich bar, then built their own sandwiches and ate together. The program will culminate on Friday morning with a “Friends and Family” session when Senior students can talk about what they’ve gained over the week. This is also a critical part of the program, because family and friends also have an opportunity to examine the fears and doubts they have about their loved ones’ ability to continue living the lives they want, and they can do so in light of all that those loved ones have learned during the week.

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Everybody loves the #WesternWelcomeWeek Parade!

a group of people carrying white canes walk down the middle of a street
CCB marchers in the 2012 parade.

Students and staff are getting ready for tomorrow’s Western Welcome Week Parade – the highlight of the 10-day celebration in Littleton. After opening our doors for tours and at the same time graduating two of our students, it’s a fun way to end the week. What could be better than walking down the middle of the street to spectator applause!

And the weather promises to be perfect!

So keep a lookout for us in the morning on Littleton Boulevard – we’ll be showing some cane!

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Out of Chute Number 18, the Thursday CCB Tour for @WesternWelcomeWeek!

two women at the front of a group toss a hefty goal ball back and forth
Two of our Monday tour guests test the weight of a Goal Ball.

Thursday, August 18

3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

a young man releases the ball waist-high at the end of his spin, his feet off the floor
Christian played Goal Ball in high school, and it shows as the crowd watches him leave the ground on a spinning throw.

That’s right, this rodeo isn’t over yet!

If you missed the fun on Monday evening, you still have another shot tomorrow. Nearly 70 of our Littleton neighbors (and some who happened to be visiting from out of town) stopped by the Colorado Center for the Blind to find out what we’re up to at 2233 W. Shepperd Avenue. They talked with staff and students in the kitchens, the technology labs, the Braille classrooms and the Woodshop. They discussed techniques of traveling with a white cane and checked out some live goal ball action. And they heard about our programs for youth and seniors.


a young woman holds a twenty dollar bill under her iPhone camera.
Suzie shows how she identifies currency with an app on her smart phone and its screen reader.

The best part for us was simply the chance to meet with so many folks – some who live only a block or two away and some who didn’t know that we were even in town. We appreciate all the appreciation our guests expressed as they left, but some of us at the Center were buzzing until bedtime with the fun of it all! So our thanks to all who came!

Okay, if you couldn’t make it Monday, join us tomorrow afternoon! Maybe this will be the best tour yet.

(Spoiler: There might be cookies and brownies at the end of the tour!)


a seated young man in sleepshades uses a Brailler as two children look over his shoulder
Kids especially enjoyed getting a card with their names written in Braille. Two watch as Jackson types one out on a Perkins Brailler.
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What’s Goal Ball? Martin, Warren & Jimmy Preview Demos for @WesternWelcomeWeek!

Western Welcome Week LogoLittleton’s Western Welcome Week starts … Well, tomorrow! Next week we will give tours and promised that we’ll do Goal Ball demonstrations in the gym, and even let guests take their turn if they like. So, Martin, Warren and Jimmy went down to the gym this week to demonstrate some basics for those who’ve never herd of Goal Ball. Maybe you’ll want to take your shots next week, or even watch the Goal Ball action during the 2016 Paralympics!

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Come Visit Us During Littleton’s Western Welcome Week!

Western Welcome Week LogoTour the Colorado Center for the Blind

We’re inviting the community in to learn how blind people do things, but our real purpose is to give folks a chance to learn that blind people are really a lot like themselves.


Smiling young man prepares to board the RTD bus

You see them all over Littleton traveling with their white canes, many wearing sleep shades. Who are they and where do they come from? They are students from the Colorado Center for the Blind, located in the old YMCA building at 2233 W. Shepperd Avenue.

As part of WesternWelcome Week we invite you to join the staff and students for an interactive tour and learn how they do it – travel, read with those little dots, cook, use power tools, and listen to the latest podcast with their smart phones. Meanwhile, the kids can take a few shots at goal ball, the sport played entirely under sleep shades.

Young man demonstrates a spin throw in GoalballVisitors will have a chance to meet our staff and students in Home Management class, Braille, Cane Travel, Woodshop and Technology. In the gym we’ll be demonstrating Goal Ball – a game developed after World War II for blinded veterans and now a Para-Olympic sport!

Tour Times

Monday, August 15
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, August 18
3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

For additional information contact Dan Burke, Public Relations Specialist at 303.778.1130, ext. 213.