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It’s #ColoradoGivesDay! Please make a donation to CCB!

CCB Wreath with Freedom Bell centered and photos of People from each CCB Program area

These are the faces of just a few who have benefitted from previous Colorado Gives Day donations. They range from ages 5 and up and their circumstances are all a bit different, but all have gained the skills and the confidence to “Take Charge with Self-reliance!”

This year our Confidence Camp for Kids (CC4K) had 11 elementary school kids for this two-week day-camp. They worked on Braille and cane skills all the time, but also learned to make their own lunches, traveled on the light rail and bus, went canoeing and rock climbing and gained a peer group of other blind kids.

In our summer residential youth programs, we had one middle-schooler for three weeks, 24 high school students for eight weeks and had a blast! These older kids either worked on college prep activities or had their first work experiences. And one of them, Kameron, had the fastest time for all ages in the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado’s first annual 6 Dot Dash 5K in June! In fact, he left his running guide in the dust over the final 50 yards.

Throughout the school year, we’ve worked with 50 kids in our Fun Skills and Activities Training (FAST) once a month, and also provided over 930 hours of mentoring time to high school and middle school students at the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind in Colorado Springs.

At the time of this writing nearly 25 Independence Training Students will have received their Freedom Bell, meaning they’ve completed all of the demanding requirements, such as the Monster Route (a one-day trip on public transportation to four places they’ve never been before, each in a different Denver Metro city), and cooking a grad meal for sixty. And we still have a couple more graduations before we break for the holidays.

Our Senior programs hold three weekly support groups in the Center each week, and another 10 groups are held across an eight-county area, though some meet only once a month. In all, counting individual home visits for training, we serve over 330 seniors who are blind or in the process of losing vision.

In all our programs our positive philosophy about blindness is the foundation we build on. Blindness doesn’t mean that expectations should be lowered for you, that your usefulness is ended or that you can’t even expect to have fun. The opposite is the truth – we keep expectations high and know that blind people can live full and useful lives – the lives they want. Success takes a lot of hard work, but it can also be a whole lot of fun!

So, thanks for past support of our students and our mission, and please remember us today on Colorado Gives Day!

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Our Elf Encourages you to Make a Recurring #COGivesday18 Donation!

Our elf encourages you to give a gift that lasts all year for Colorado Gives Day – set up a recurring monthly donation. It’s less pain for you and more gain for our students in their pursuit of independence and self-reliance! And by setting up a recurring donation on Dec. 4, the whole year’s total is eligible for a percentage of the $1 Million Incentive Fund from First Bank and the Community First Foundation. And thanks!

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Thankful for the Colorado Center for the Blind!

This year, Susan says she’s thankful for her husband as always, but also for the Colorado Center for the Blind.  She’s been attending Senior support groups at the Center twice a week for only a month.

“My rock” is how she describes her husband and his support for her.  “When I get home, he’s going to ask me about all that happened at the Center today.”

Susan began to lose vision to Macular Degeneration in early 2016, and was declared legally blind last June.  She is right in the middle of learning to live with her vision loss, and knows that process is not all smiles and triumphs.  Along with that, she has been recovering from a series of surgeries for a completely different medical issue. 

“But when I come in the door here, I feel happy,” she says,” no matter how hard a day I’m having.”

A group of a dozen seniors at along with CCB staff work on making sugar scrub

“I’m learning a lot. Robert (Dyson) showed me how to use the white cane when I first came.  And I’m reading words in Braille now,” she says. “But, it’s just the people, the other seniors – they understand about the fears, the anxieties.  It feels like home here.  I don’t have to put on an act.  It’s incredible what (the Senior Program) has done for my spirit.”

For our part, we are thankful to have Susan in our Senior Program, and we’re thankful for the donations that help support our Seniors and other programs.  Please remember us on Colorado Gives Day, Dec. 4.  You can designate your donation to Seniors, Youth or to the Colorado Center for the Blind in general.

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Our students really dig in! #COGives18

Amber using a shovel in the garden for the 1st time with Annette and Barb

Our students really dig in at the Colorado Center for the Blind. We don’t simply teach rote skills, but nurture the confidence and curiosity in our students to continue to problem-solve and learn new skills. That’s how they learn to “Take charge with confidence” so they can live their lives in pursuit of their dreams instead of always following a pre-planned, memorized route. If you only follow memorized routes, you’ll only go to where you’ve already been.

Please support our students and our programs on Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, Dec. 4!