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Cesar’s FB Post … (he) was feeling accomplished at Colorado Center for the Blind

Julie handing Cesar his Freedom Bell

Editor’s Note: Cesar was the final student to graduate in calendar year 2017, on Friday, December 15 in fact. This is the post he made just hours after receiving his Freedom Bell. His parents drove up from Phoenix and he returned with them before our coldest weather set in, assuring us all that he was looking forward to his family’s traditional Christmas sitting around the pool. As he states below, he’s taking the skills and belief in himself as a blind person home with him. That is just what we want for every student. Graduation is an achievement, but it’s also the beginning of living the lives our students want for themselves. We’re proud to say that nearly 30 students completed their programs at CCB in 2017 to go on to the next even bigger phases of their lives. Cesar’s new beginning will involve a return to college. ¡Buena suerte y Prospero Año, compadre! And good luck and a prosperous New Year to all our 2017 grads and hundreds of alumni. Cesar’s grad meal, by the way, was spectacular!

December 15 at 4:26pm ·

After nine months, moving to another state and New town, where I became a student at the Colorado Center for the blind, learning all the skills needed to become an independent blind person. I finally graduate! My final requirement before graduating was to make a meal for more than 60 people, I made an Italian country soup, with Greek eggrolls and served it with bacon sauce, and for dessert a Mandarin tres leches parfait.

This place molded me to become the best of myself, giving me total confidence in all aspects of my life, something i thought i would never have after losing sight. I will miss all of the great friends i met along the way, but our friendship will stay and never be forgotten. Cant wait to go back home and put everything into practice. Thank you CCB for everything.
Cesar ringing his Freedom Bell and Julie clapping

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Recent Newspaper Articles Highlight CCB Partnerships

We wanted to bring your attention to a couple of newspaper articles that appeared in November and brought attention to the Center. Both reflect great partnerships that help us ensure that our students can, as our tag line says, learn to “Take Charge with Confidence and Self-reliance!”

The first, from November 5, appeared in the Denver Post’s YourHub. It’s about our neighbor and partner, Angel Concept in downtown Littleton. The article isn’t about the Center, but it features one of our students who has been learning job skills there. For a number of years, we’ve counted on Angel Concept to also mentor one of our summer youth in the “Earn & Learn Program”, helping them gain valuable work experience.

Here’s the article by YourHubs Holly Graham:

Disadvantaged women get a chance to build confidence, learn retail skills at this Littleton boutique

The second article, written by Alex DeWind, appeared in the Colorado Community Media newspapers on November 17. CCM includes such south Metro newspapers as the Centennial Citizen and the Littleton Independent

The article covers our indoor skydiving excursion at iFLY in Lone Tree

Read the iFLY article at:

Learning to Fly: Colorado Center for the Blind students take a field trip to indoor skydiving facility

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Your White Cane Can Take You Very Far: A Travel Note from Libby at Antelope Canyon Arizona

Editor’s Note: Libby graduated from the Center this fall. She recently sent us this photo following a tour to this beautiful spot in her home state, a Navajo Tribal Park. It’s a great testament to how far a blind person can go with a white cane. Sounds like a great trip Libby!


I got to mark Antelope Canyon off my bucket list. I traveled up to northern Arizona with my cane and explored the wind- and water-whipped walls. It was absolutely spectacular! So very grateful to have had the training with my cane so that I could still navigate the dark canyon along with the rest of the tour.
Libby with her cane exploring the wind and water whipped canyon walls at Antalope Canyon Arizona

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Access & #TactileLiteracy: A Day in Our College Prep Class

Access to concepts and information presented in graphical form has long been a challenge for blind college students. In the past couple of decades the surge in digitally-displayed content has, well, gone supernova. Thus, blind college students need to develop basic tactile literacy with two- and thre-dimensional representations that their sighted peers may have learned much more informally through media such as picture books, television, film, or YouTube. Blind people learn how things look best by touch. Descriptions are a stop-gap, but only that. Thus, one aspect of our College Prep class’s goal of preparing our students to be savvy and nimble in gaining access to their studies involves taking a look at the kinds of things colleges may throw in front of them and expect them to be able to interpret.

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Before Departing, One Last Meal & Secret Santas Revealed #ShareLittleton

Justin opens a gift as Vicki and Nick watch and Holly and Steve stand next to the Christmas Tree ready to pass out two more presents

Here we are with a white Christmas in Colorado when it was looking pretty dusty and dry. Naturally, the Center closed for the holidays, but we finished up in the spirit last Tuesday. Our traditions involve a breakfast together, provided by the GraceFull Cafe in downtown Littleton consisting of very large and very delicious breakfast burritos. (Yes, that’s a recommendation for the burritos and the GraceFull Cafe!)

Following that is the culmination of the Secret Santa gift exchange. The tension, the curiosity and the excitement had been building for weeks of course, and the final gifts and three guesses from each recipient as to the identity of their Santas brought a lot of laughter and surprises. Our own Stevie P and student Holly presided as distributing Santas for the activity.

And then everyone chipped in to clean up the kitchen and meeting room, take down all the holiday decorations and the tree before students and staff disperse for the corners of Colorado and, indeed, the United States.

And so now it’s Christmas, and a happy one to all of our students and staff and friends and neighbors here in Littleton!

Steve with a gift bag next to the Christmas Tree
Holly wears a colorful elf hat with bells and smiles while standing next to the Christmas Tree


Daniel and Steve in their Santa Hats
Ravi smiles and holds up a T Shirt that says kpop made me do it


Maureen wearing her Santa hat opens her gift while David looks on
Julie reaches down under the Christmas Tree to retrieve a gift


Large group in the meeting room participating in Secret Santa gift exchange
Chris H. opens his gift


A line of people snakes its way through the large kitchen as people fill their plates with goodies

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Meet the Volunteers Who Give Time to Our Programs

The holidays are a time of giving, and our volunteers at CCB give a lot of their time to drive, read and other necessary tasks at the center. We invited them to a lunch in October, but let’s also acknowledge all they give at this time of giving and sharing.

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Sixty Attend Senior Holiday Party 2017 #ShareLittleton

Festive Senior Christmas Party montage featuring 2 views of the Senior Party over a background of the CCB Christmas Tree with hand strung popcorn and cranberries - Also a Braille Christmas Card and Snowman and Santa decorations

Last Friday’s Senior Holiday Party brought together members of all three of our weekly Seniors groups that meet at the Center – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – along with sighted and unsighted spouses (insider’s joke), and both old and new friends. There were adult children and grandchildren There. was plenty of food, lots of laughs and thanks for our great Seniors staff. But really, what everyone was celebrating was one another. The thing that makes a difference in the lives of newly blind people is other blind people to help them to understand that blindness need not hold us back. And then, a little farther down the road, the once-newbies are passing it on to the next round of new ones.

Happy Holidays!

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Tuesday’s Seniors Prepare for Senior Holiday Party on Dec 15 #sharelittleton

Blanca and Priscilla wearing festive colored aprons prepare a rack of home made powdered sugar cookies

Friday, December 15 is the annual senior Holiday Party at the Colorado Center for the Blind, and the Tuesday group got into the kitchen this week to bake cookies for the event. Among the cookie corps was CCB founder and Chair of our Board of Directors, Diane McGeorge. Also our Volunteer Extraordinaire, Diane is often here twice a week to assist with Braille classes and to participate in Senior group meetings and activities.

The Senior party will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. here at the center. Lunch will be served and attendees are welcome to bring additional treats and goodies which are already cut for serving.

For lunch info, please let Duncan know if you plan to come either by phone, 303-778-1130 or email [email protected].

Mary Ann cracks eggs to use in the batter for home made cookies. Diane looks on with encouragement
Dee works with trays of home made cookies hot out of the oven

Dee rolls dough in sugar and cinnamon for home made cookies. Mary Ann rolls the dough into balls
Mary Ann, Priscilla and Blanca in the Serving window with lots of finished trays of cookies wrapped up and tied with ribbons

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One Whole Day for Holiday Art & Ornaments #sharelittleton

Art teacher Ann Cunningham works with seniors and ITP students

Tuesday is art day anyway, but this week it was art day all day long. Every student and staff member worked in the art room with Ann Cunningham and Jenny Callahan making ornaments, holiday cards or what ever else suited their fancy. Without a doubt , everyone enjoyed the break from regular classes and the chance to get into the holiday spirit!

Marqus glazes the clay on a lazy suzan for a votive candle holder he is making
Showe holds up a clay ornament she made that spells out Trela with a heart underneath


Michael holds up a couple of Braille Christmas Cards he made
Justin holds up a clay dog ornament he made from memory in the likeness of a favorite dog that is no longer with us


Mickey just finished decorating a clay gingerbread man ornament with gumdrops sequens and glitter
Jen is working on making a clay ornament of Thomas the Train for her son


Judi fits a tall white candle into a clay base she is shaping into a candle holder
Ann shows Holly and Tyler how to use the pasta machine to flatten out clay to make ornaments

Ann works with the Travel staff, Steve, David, Daniel and Martin on decorating cinnamon baked modeling clay ornaments - samples of the finished pieces are inset above.jpg

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Holiday Treats for City of Littleton

Casey, Mickey, Brent and Holly in the CCB lobby holding trays of cookies to be delivered to our City Offices

The holidays are here! Today Students and staff set out to deliver treats to our friends across the City of Littleton. Of course, the cookies andpeppermint bark were all made by our very own students. Blind people give back, too!

The first deliveries were to the City of Littleton’s City Manager’s office, Public Works and Police Departments. Assistant Director Brent Batron led that expedition to say thanks to officials of the city that has welcomed us for the past 18 years.

Later in the afternoon, Home Management Instructors Maureen, Delfina and Dishon took treats to staff at Target on West Bowles Ave. Our students regularly shop there. In fact, after the delivery they did some holiday shopping with their instructors.

Tomorrow Chris Kinney will deliver some more treats to Bed, Bath and Beyond which has generously given us a grant of weekly boxes of goods. This has helped us get all new pillows in our apartments, shower curtains and sheets.

Back at the Center today, there was a flurry of other activities. We’ll share those in the next couple of days.

Delivering plates of cookies, Brent, Holly, Mickey and Casey are pictured with members of the City Manager's staff
Brent, Casey, Holly and Mickey deliver a plate of cookies to the Public Works department
Casey, Brent Mickey and Holly deliver a tray of cookies to the Police Department

Brent shakes hands with a staff member from the Public Works Department while Holly presents a tray of cookies