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Celebrating Our Senior Programs in New Video!

We’re proud of our senior programs and how they have changed the lives of seniors who have lost vision and the people who love them. We’re excited about how those programs continue to grow – from the residential Seniors in Charge (twice a year), to four support groups (one in Spanish), to ever-expanding opportunities to provide outreach services.

And so we’re proud of our new Senior Program video, made with filmmaker and long-time collaborator Djuna “DJ” Zupancic. The video doesn’t talk about all the program details as much as it endeavors to tell what those programs and services have meant to five seniors in particular. Embodied in these seniors and in their stories are the values that drive our Senior Services – indeed everything we do at CCB – skills that build belief in ourselves, a community that supports us, hope where there was uncertainty and maybe just a skoshe of defiance!

Thanks to DJ for her highly professional and creative work. She gets us!

Thanks to all the Seniors and the staff who appear, especially Judith, Richard, Bernie, Phyllis, Ruben and Dale for telling the world! Thanks also to Tech Instructor Chris Parsons, who reads the descriptions like a pro. You’d never guess it’s her first film!

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NF Challenge Olympic Day 2017

Volunteers steady tandem bicycles as students get aboard
CCB Summer students Mary and Cheyenne get on the tandem bikes with EyeCycle Volunteers while Christina waits her turn

There wasn’t time to sit still till lunch was served, but none were inclined to do so at Saturday’s #NFChallenge Olympic Day 2017. There were just too many things to try out – beep baseball demonstration with the Colorado Storm, judo and power-lifting, goal ball and tandem bicycling with Eye-Cycle! Everybody got to take a turn at three or four of these activities, and a few even took a second bike ride or got into a couple of actual goal ball matches!

But participants were able to sit still long enough to listen to Paralympic runner Chaz Davis talk about how he went from “overweight and out-of-shape” to being the current record-holder in the marathon for blind and visually impaired runners.

And then it was back to another round of fun – and fitness – activities!

A woman swings the bat at the ball coming toward her
Julie Deden connected with her first swing at the Beep Baseball demonstration.

Thanks to the Denver Post for publishing a story on the #NFChallenge Olympic Day.

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Fitness & Sports Tomorrow for #NFChallenge #OlympicDay2017! @WEFitwellness @USABA

It’s happening here tomorrow starting at 10 a.m. Thanks to our partners at WE Fit Wellness and United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA). Contributing will be Eye-Cycle, Achilles Denver and members of the Colorad Storm Beep Baseball team.

And at lunch there wil be a keynote address from current CCB studentChaz Davis, a member of the 2016 US Paralympic team! Checkout the agenda below.

#NFChallenge Olympic Day Agenda

10:00-10:10 – Welcome
Meeting Room

10:10-10:55 – Breakout Session 1

Running – lobby sitting area

Tandem Cycling – picnic tables

Beep baseball – side yard

Power Lifting – art room

Goalball – gym

11:10-11:55 Breakout Session 2

Judo – Travel Lobby

Tandem Cycling – picnic tables

Beep baseball – side yard

Power Lifting – art room

Goalball – gym

11:55-1:00 Lunch
Meeting Room
Keynote Address Chaz Davis, 2016 Paralympian

1:15- 2:00 Breakout Session 3

Running – lobby sitting area

Judo – Travel Lobby

Tandem Cycling – picnic tables

Power Lifting – art room

Goalball Scrimmage Matches: gym

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“You better hurry up and eat that before it melts!” 2017 CCB Ice Cream Social

A man in his eighties sits beside a 6-year-old girl, both enjoying ice cream
You better hurry up and eat that before it melts,” Senior Ron tells Confidence Camper Peiton at the Ice Cream Social this morning.

About 90 people collected in the meeting room on a 95-degree day to share a little summer society. It was cCB’s annual Ice Cream Social, ranging from Confidence Camp kids as young as 6 to Seniors who declined to reveal their ages, and all of the staff and students of our middle school, high school and college bound students and Independence training Program.

What they all had in common was blindness and the determination and desire to take charge with confidence, and today that meant taking charge of a drumstick or ice cream bar!

Mo and Jen standing in front of the mural enjoying ice cream
Dakota and Seamus enjoying ice cream


Diane witha group of seniors enjoying ice cream
Ceci and Lexi with smiles and ice cream on their lips

people lined up at the service window in the background and Montgomery, Aidan, Sawyer and Deya eating ice cream as they walk with their canes from the service window to find a seat

Youth Services

Oh, the sweet summer scent of sunscreen wafting through the lobby! #ConfidenceCamp17

two little girls dangle feet into the pool
Making the most of summer – fun and learning!

Swimming, paddling, rock climbing – every afternoon there’s something fun going on at Confidence Camp. In the morning – the learning looks just as fun! Learning to use the microwave, making lunch … and always traveling with white canes and taking the light rail and the bus somewhere fun … like horseback riding today!

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Shout out to our five skydiving students!

a grinning young woman strapped to her jump-master gives a double thumbs-up
Ashley was one of five CCB students to go skydiving last week.

That’s right, five of our students stepped out into the atmosphere last Saturday with Mile High Skydiving in Longmont. Bill, a long-time CCB volunteer and driver for the expedition, made a jump as well.

The students organized this themselves made the plans and recruited the volunteers. So, here’s to Shane, Zack and Zach, Ashley, Lindsey – and Bill! You got to love the confidence and their willingness to challenge themselves. Sure, they were strapped to experienced jump-masters, but by comparison, crossing Santa Fe Drive is cake!

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CCB gets perfect score, Students & Board get to know one another

Collage of photos showing board members talking to students in various classrooms

The Colorado Center for the Blind received word in May that we had been recertified by the National Blindness Certification Board for another three years, and that we received the first-ever score of 100 percent following the onsite review. That news was reported last week to the CCB Board of Directors!

Our distinguished Board of Directors met here at the Center on June 2 and 3 to hear how things are going, to discuss both the immediate and the more distant future of programs and growth at the Center.

Board members made a quick tour of the McGeorge Mountain Terrace apartments to see some of the improvements we’ve made in the five years since we moved in. Friday evening Julie, Duncan, Brent and Christina prepared a meal for the board and the staff so that all could spend time together. On Saturdday morning, our summer staff prepared a brunch for the board.

But the most important agenda item was the meetings on Friday afternoon between board members and our students. Students got the chance to meet several members of the board, most of whom are long-time leaders in the National Federation of the Blind as well as in their respective professions, in small groups. Likewise, students had the opportunity to talk about who they were, how they came to be at the Center and how things were going. Without a doubt, this was one of the weekend’s highlights for members of the board!

Of course, for the rest of us, the highlight was having the board with us!

About The National Blindness Professional Certification Board

The NBPCB has an approval process for orientation training centers who utilize Structured Discovery methodology throughout their programs and a consumer-focused approach.

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They’re coming today, the #CCBSummer17 students! 2016tells what’s ins store:

Summer staff with canes crossed in the air

That’s right, Summer 2017 students are all arriving today by planes, … well automobiles at least. Their counselors have been here for nearly two weeks, getting classrooms and apartments ready, creating lesson plans and getting in touch with the students – even finding out what them might like for dinner tonight! It’s the start of eight dynamic weeksof challenge and growth because, as we always say, this isn’t a camp, it’s a PROGRAM!

Last summer, after eight weeks, after the final meal cooked by the summer students for family and the etire Center, after the talent show and passing out of certificates, and as the packing and apartment cleaning started, Summer 2016 students and staff took a few moments to reflect on what the summer meant to them.

Youth Services

There’s a Commotion in the Lobby, and It’s #ConfidenceCamp17!

A teaher addresses students seated in a circle around her.
Tryna Boyd Pratt has directed Confidence Camp for 16 years. Here, she is giving out first-day instructions to the group assigned to go shopping.

By 9 Monday morning the commotion in the lobby was reaching a crescendo. Fifteen Confidence Campers were arriving for the first of three weeks of learning blindness skills, having fun and yes – becoming more confident as small blind people! The commotion arose from parents dropping the campers off, connecting or reconnecting with their teachers and the other kids.

Tryna Boyd Pratt has been the director of Confidence Camp for 16 years running, and it wasn’t long before she was assigning three of the older kids to do the grocery shopping. Of course, for kids between the ages of 5 and 11, a teacher goes with them to the supermarket, but their job was to get a shoppers’ assistant and get all the items on the list themselves – a real grown-up skill! By the way, that list was dictated to them and written in Braille!

Here’s to three more weeks of learning, fun, growth and CONFIDENCE!

Cane Travel Independence Training Program

Congrats to David D – he made it back from his support drop!

a smiling man types on the Brailler
David signs in on the Brailler after returning from his Support Drop with Daniel.

David id it – he completed his Support Drop today with his Travel Instructor Daniel! Congrats David!