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Some Final Party Particulars

Tom and Vicki reading side-by-side at the table in the library
For more than 27 years as a teacher at CCB, Tom Anderson has encouraged, empathized and often cajoled his students that to be literate blind people, they needed to know Braille.

Just a few weeks away from May 15 and Tom Anderson’s retirement party!  The response is exciting – we’ve received more than 70 RSVPs already!
Here are some more details about the party and some info for those who won’t be able to attend:

When:  5 p.m. May 15

Where: Colorado Center for the Blind
2233 W. Shepperd Ave, Littleton, CO 80120

What:    Light snacks followed by sandwiches, pasta salad, and retirement cake and a program!  There will also be beer and wine.

We open the doors at 5 p.m. on Friday, and the formal program begins at 6:30 with raves and roasts from Diane McGeorge, Duncan Larsen, students past and present, as well as a light-hearted skit.  Yes, and we’ll risk giving Tom the mike just one more time!

You can still RSVP – and you should if you plan to come – by calling Robert Dyson at the Center, 303-778-1130, or e-mailing him at [email protected].  You can also </a href=””>RSVP online.

Make your Testimonial to Tosti

There won’t be enough time on May 15 for all of us to give our thank-yous and best wishes to Tom and Linda.  Instead, we will give the opportunity to everyone who attends to make a testimonial to Tom with a Perkins Brailler or to make a short video.  These will be collected and shared with Tom and Linda as they head east to Kansas.

Send Your Thanks, Prayers, and Bad Jokes to Tom

If you are unable to make the trek to Littleton on May 15, of course you still may wish to make some comment or other to Tom.  After all, Tom’s former students number in the hundreds!  We want your letters, MP3 messages or videos.  Send Braille of course, but we can emboss e-mail and attachments, too.

Passing the Collection Plate

As we all know, Tom Anderson is a man with a calling.  As they retire, he and Linda have little need for more material goods.  So instead of bringing a gift for them that they’ll then have to pack and take across the plains, we’re going to pass the collection plate.  Cash, checks and deeds to real estate can all be dropped in when we pass the plate.  Be generous but light – it all needs to fit into a wallet!

Send testimonials to:
Dan Burke
                [email protected], or

c/o Colorado Center for the Blind
2233 W. Shepperd Ave.    Littleton, CO 80120

Please send them to Dan so we can collect them all into a lovely memory-box and on a memory card.
Please also send gifts for Tom and Linda to Dan Burke.

See you on May 15!

General Colorado Center Information

Make a Toast to Toasty!

Tom Anderson in a latter-day purple velvet suit beside CCB's sign
Tom Anderson played Louis Braille for our June, 2013 Braille Carnival.


On January 4, 1988 two feet of snow lay on the ground in Denver, and the temperature was around ten below zero. It was the first day of classes at the new Colorado Center for the Blind. Miles “Tom” Anderson was there. In fact, it fell to Tom as Residential Manager to help Travel Instructor Duncan Larsen shepherd the Center’s first five students from their apartments on South Eloti to the Center at Ilef and Broadway.

“The light at Broadway and Powers was frozen,” Tom recalls. “We had to walk down to Littleton Blvd. to cross Broadway so we could catch the 0 bus north.”

Once arrived, cold fingers and all, Tom began his first day as Braille Instructor/Typing Teacher. He’s been here ever since.

Maybe that’s when the oh-so-familiar summons, heard coming over the Public Address from Dr. Dots first got started:

“The dots await your fingers!”

Now, after more than 27 years, Tom and Linda have decided that it’s time to turn the page, close this Braille volume and start another. Tom will retire at the beginning of May and he and Linda will move to Overland Park, Kansas to start yet another volume in the book of their lives together.

That means it’s time for a celebration, and we want you to come, know that you will want to come if you can, to toast Toasty, Dr. Dots, Mean Miles – our own Tom Anderson!

“Having so many nicknames just shows how much Tom is loved,” says Director Julie Deden.

If you want to show Tom some love and join us for food, beverage and a short program, please RSVP to Robert Dyson at 303-778-1130, or e-mail [email protected].

RSVP Online
What? Tom Anderson Retirement Party
When? Friday, May 15, 5 p.m.
Where? The Colorado Center for the Blind
2233 W. Shepperd Ave.
Littleton, CO 80120

Lodging is available at the Hampton Suites and Inn for $99 per night, Mention that you are with the CCB to get our rate. The Hampton offers a free van service within a 5-mile radius from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. They also offer a free Continental Breakfast, Wi-Fi and more. NoNo’s Café across the parking lot offers great Cajun cooking, and many other food options are close by the hotel.

Hampton Inn & Suites Highlands Ranch
3095 W. County Line Road
Littleton, CO 80129

NoNo’s Cafe – Cajun Cooking and More
3005 W. County Line Road
Littleton, CO 80129